Screenplay Consultancy & Mentoring Services

First impressions are important. You wouldn't go to an interview half-dressed, you wouldn't drive a car with no wheels, so why would you send out a screenplay that isn't ready?

I offer a screenplay consultancy and mentoring service that's affordable, reliable, with a quick turn around, designed to help writers of all abilities get the best out of their idea.

I won't dictate to you how you should write your screenplay, it's your idea after all. Instead, I'll ask you questions, give suggestions and examples, prompting you to think about your work in more depth and help you find your own solutions. It's about getting the best out of your idea and not imposing someone else's version on you.


I'm an award-winning screenwriter with a BA (Hons) degree in Scriptwriting for Film & Television from Bournemouth University. I have worked as a reader for two decades, starting out with Portman Entertainment Ltdin 2000 and eventually launching my own screenplay reading service in 2010. As well as being commissioned to write seven feature screenplays to date, over the last decade I have experienced great success in screenwriting competitions and festivals across the globe and this makes me the ideal person to send your screenplay to if you want to improve as a writer.




Basic Development Notes

£66 inclusive of VAT

1 to 3 pages – A brief outline of suggested improvements covering genre, structure, action description, character, dialogue and anything else that needs attention. In addition, I will also highlight areas that work well.

Extended Development Notes

£96 inclusive of VAT

3 to 6 pages – The most popular option. A more comprehensive version of the Basic Development Notes. This service will explore key areas in greater detail, providing logical suggestions for improvement, encouraging the writer to think more deeply about their work. This service also includes a follow-up email to answer any further questions the writer may have arising from the notes.


Annotated Script Notes

£126 inclusive of VAT

This service consists of everything in the Extended Development Notes, but will also include my initial thoughts written directly on a copy of your screenplay as I read. If the screenplay is a Final Draft file, I will do this by utilising the ScriptNote function. If you prefer the notes written on a hard copy of the screenplay an additional fee may be charged to cover printing costs and postage, to be agreed with the writer in advance.

Six Months Mentoring

£630 inclusive of VAT

If there’s a particular project you want to give more focus to then I can help guide you through the creative process, from conception to completed first draft. I will read and comment on your project once a month, follow up with an hour-long Skype call and set you tasks to complete for the following month. I will also give valuable career advice and even suggest places to send your completed work. This service is designed to get the best out of your idea, help elevate your writing to the next level and provide forward momentum to your career.

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