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Available Screenplays



A Feature Thriller

An ageing hitman goes head to head against a younger, more ruthless rival for the prize of a lifetime. The job; twelve hours to eliminate eleven protected targets and earn a cool million.


A Feature Thriller

Three lives collide when a mob courier is found dead in his car on wasteland, his briefcase containing 50K missing, the street girl who was with him nowhere to be found.



A Feature Comedy

A bored pensioner living in sheltered housing, disgusted his generation are being pensioned off by the next, hounded by a zealous do-gooder, enlists two friends to help him carry out a daring robbery to fund their twilight years under the golden sun of the Costa Del Sol.

Cowboys Can Fly

A Coming-Of-Age Feature

When his mother, a nurse, brings home a sickly yet handsome youth to recuperate, a lonely teenager finds himself drawn to the older boy. Their friendship, awkward at first, blossoms as each offers the other much-needed comfort.

Adapted from the novel Cowboys Can Fly by Ken Smith

© Sean Langton

Currently seeking a co-producer.



A Supernatural Mystery TV Drama Series

When a young, determined Scottish witch travels to the UK’s capital in search of her missing grandmother, she unearths a dark family secret that threatens the deaths of innocents and the annihilation of her kind.


A Crime/Mystery TV Drama Series

An idealistic member of a left-wing activist network begins to question the group, their goals and herself when one of their missions is sabotaged and life-changing injuries are inflicted on an innocent member of the public.



A Four-Part TV Drama Series

A desperate husband and father struggles with the demands of a soul-destroying minimum wage job, the pressure of finding enough money to cover his ever-increasing outgoings while trying to keep the extent of their debt hidden from his wife. What starts out as casual theft of stock from work quickly escalates to deceit, betrayal, breaking and entering, assault, blackmail and even murder.

© HellFire TV


A Crime/Mystery Drama Series

When thieves accidentally drop a safe during a police chase through the Dorset town of Windfall, one of the town's residents is quick to do the right thing...
... nick it.


The Wall

A TV Drama Series

1962 - An unruly old man, whose days are full of vodka and mourning, finds a brand new lease of life when he commits to lead a group of misfits to tunnel out of East Berlin to the free world.

Co-Written With Anne-Marie Caluwaert

Second Skin

A Supernatural TV Drama Series

A recently separated husband and father, disillusioned with relationships and emotionally closed, is possessed by the recently dead and forced to help them get closure before they can move on to the afterlife.



A Crime/Mystery TV Drama Series

A career criminal is discovered by police lying injured next to the bloody corpse of a young woman. To prove his innocence he is forced to escape and wade through Manchester’s criminal underbelly to find the person responsible.

White Knight

A Crime TV Drama Series

On his release from prison, for the murder of his younger brother, an ex-petty criminal’s only wish is to put the past behind him. But when his reappearance opens old wounds and threatens to expose a shocking secret hidden for years, he must face his demons to put things right.


Golden Balls

A TV Sitcom

Six middle-age members of a Sunday League five-a-side football team deal with problems in their personal lives until the one day of the week when they can forget their troubles, the only constants their friendship and a love of the beautiful game.

Buddha Of Birmingham

A TV Sitcom

After watching a programme on Eastern Philosophy Kane Little becomes enlightened. This is one man’s journey to bring peace and light to his universe. If only his family wouldn’t keep getting in the way.

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